ALATA CSMM 2022 Call for Abstracts


June 3rd-5th, 2022

Birmingham, AL

The purpose of the Alabama Athletic Trainers’ Association (ALATA) Clinical Symposium and Members’ Meeting (CSMM) is to provide the state membership with opportunities to network with other Athletic Trainers and enhance or develop skills and learning to better the profession. The Executive Council aims to present the membership with the best and most relevant learning opportunities. To do this the council has established a temporary research committee to obtain and review abstracts from prospective speakers. The council comprised of two members of the Executive Council and three members from the setting committees, will review abstracts for their completeness, innovation, and relevancy to Alabama Athletic Training, not necessarily their academic prowess. To best provide speakers with a framework we have outlined our research agenda below. Topics were selected based on surveys from the membership.  Abstracts that do not fit into the research agenda can submit under the term “other” and may be selected depending on number of applications or outstanding merit.


Research Agenda:

  • Strength and Conditioning/ Performance

  • Sports Nutrition

  • Immediate and Emergency Care

  • Examination, Assessment, and Diagnosis

  • Injury Prevention and Wellness Promotion

  • Sports Psychology

  • Self-Care of the Athletic Trainer

Abstract Submission Portal Open November 1st - December 31st.

Click below for more information and to submit your abstract.

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