Award of Merit

The Award of Merit is the highest award given to a member of the Alabama Athletic Trainers Association. Its purpose is to recognize the person that has worked for the state on a district and/or national level. It is a way to distinguish one who has brought honor and recognition to the state. A distinction reserved for the most able of professionals in the field of athletic training.


Sports Medicine Person of the Year

This award is given to the person that has contributed to ALATA and athletic training as a profession. Both medical and non-medical persons have been recipients of this award. This award is the highest award given to a person who may not be an athletic trainer and is designed to show the state’s appreciation for particular              contributions to the field of athletic training in Alabama.


High School Athletic Trainer Award

This is an opportunity to recognize someone in the state on the secondary school level. This honoree has made a major impact on their communities and institution. Many of these people may not have had their chance to serve on the State or District levels. However, their importance has been seen in the state and communities where they reside. They have contributed to the growth and awareness of the profession of athletic training.

College/University Athletic Trainer Award

This award will recognize an athletic trainer at the college/university level for service to the institution, the community, as well as ALATA. This person serves many functions in addition to athletic training.       


Clinic/Industrial/Corporate Athletic Trainer Award

We will honor an athletic trainer that has represented our profession well in a clinic, industrial or corporate              environment. This venue of service enlightens the public to the many benefits of having an athletic trainer in the workplace.

Sponsors Award 

ALATA is very appreciative of our many friends that have supported athletic trainers through the years. We honor those who have made an impact on our organization through their contributions.

The deadline to submit award nominations is March 31st annually. Please click below for the nomination form.

Please click below to view previous award winners.


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