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Chris King Award of Merit

Renamed in 2021 in honor of Chris King for his tireless efforts to progress the profession of Athletic Training in the state of Alabama, the Award of Merit is the highest award given to a member of the Alabama Athletic Trainers Association. Its purpose is to recognize the person that has worked for the state on a district and/or national level. It is a way to distinguish one who has brought honor and recognition to the state. A distinction reserved for the most able of professionals in the field of athletic training.


Dr. Jimmy Robinson Sports Medicine Person of the Year

The Sports Medicine Person of the Year Award was renamed in 2022 to the Dr. Jimmy Robinson Sports Medicine Person of the Year to recognize long standing support of Athletic Trainers in the state of Alabama. This award is given to the person that has contributed to ALATA and athletic training as a profession. Both medical and non-medical persons have been recipients of this award. This award is the highest award given to a person who may not be an athletic trainer and is designed to show the state’s appreciation for particular contributions to the field of athletic training in Alabama.


Secondary School Athletic Trainer Award

This is an opportunity to recognize someone in the state on the secondary school level. This honoree has made a major impact on their communities and institution. Many of these people may not have had their chance to serve on the State or District levels. However, their importance has been seen in the state and communities where they reside. They have contributed to the growth and awareness of the profession of athletic training.

College/University Athletic Trainer Award

This award will recognize an athletic trainer at the college/university level for service to the institution, the community, as well as ALATA. This person serves many functions in addition to athletic training.       


Clinic/Industrial/Corporate Athletic Trainer Award

We will honor an athletic trainer that has represented our profession well in a clinic, industrial or corporate              environment. This venue of service enlightens the public to the many benefits of having an athletic trainer in the workplace.

Sponsor Award 

ALATA is very appreciative of our many friends that have supported athletic trainers through the years. We honor those who have made an impact on our organization through their contributions.

The deadline to submit award nominations for current year consideration is March 31st. Please click below for the nomination form.

Past Recipients

Chris King
Award of Merit

2022 - Donna Wesley

2021 - Kyle Southall

2020 - Joni Maddox

2019 - Chris King

2015 - Paul Crawford

2014 - Karen Straub Stanton

2011 - Karen Straub Stanton

2010 - Drew Ferguson

2008 - Mike Jones

2007 - Brad Montgomery

College/University Athletic Trainer Award

2021 - Terry Smith

2020 - Matt Price

2019 - University of Alabama Staff

2018 - Dan Springer & Alyson Gramley

2015 - Racheal Lawler

2013 - Laurie Fincher & Jessie Kimbugwe

2011 - Amanda Andrews Benson

2010 - University of Alabama Staff

2008 - Rodney Brown

2007 - Michelle Johnson

2002 - Chuck Ash

Dr. Jimmy Robinson Sports Medicine Person of the Year

2022 - A.E. Joiner, MD

2022 - Leah Taylor

2021 - Senator Jabo Waggoner

2021 - Representative Arnold Mooney

2021 - Lobbyist Curt Lee

2020 - John Young, MD

2019 - Jeff Allen

2018 - Eric Law, MD

2015 - John Del Greco, MD

2014 - Lydia Olsen

2013 - Robert Agee, MD

2012 - Samuel Goldstein, MD

2011 - Angus McBryde, MD

2010 - Bill McDonald

2008 - Jeffrey Dugas, MD

2007 - Bruce Hall, MD

Clinical/Industrial/ Corporate Athletic Trainer Award

2022 - Alexis Murphy

2021 - Kirby Kelley

2020 - Alicia Jay

2018 - Sheryl Hendrix

2014 - Alex Wolfe

2013 - Robbie Simonek

2012 - Mike Ryan

2011 - Ed Harris

2010 - Joe Lemery

2008 - Todd Hooks

2007 - Sheryl Hendrix

Secondary School
Athletic Trainer Award

2022 - Peyton Lee

2021 - Joy Crouse

2020 - Catherine Crowley

2019 - Jeremy Free

2018 - Bob White

2015 - Dave Bush & Rob Milam

2014 - Jenifer Kramer

2013 - Ciara Taylor

2012 - Rachel Harris

2011 - Rob Hudson

2010 - Michael Stevenson

2008 - James Jones

2007 - Paul Crawford

Sponsor Award

2022 - American Sports Medicine Institute

2021 - Andrews Sports Medicine & Orthopaedic Center

2020 - Eric Kearns, Henry Schein

2019 - Travis Roper, Mueller

2018 - Jarod Grace, Gatorade

2015 - William Leavell

2013 - William Leavell

2010 - Spencer Sappington, Donjoy

2008 - Spencer Sappington, Donjoy

2007 - Bill Maschmeier, Pfizer

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