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Abstract Requirements

Abstracts requested for the ALATA CSMM fall into one of the following 4 categories: 1) Original Research (trial, survey, mixed-methods, or qualitative) 2) Critically Appraised Topic, 3) Clinical Practice Recommendation, and 4) Laboratory/Workshop for Practice Enhancement. The author is responsible for determining the most appropriate category for structuring their abstract. Authors should choose the format that seems to best fit and present their data or case study.


Category Descriptions:

1) Original Research: This includes survey, qualitative, or mixed-methods research. It must be present findings about healthcare issues related to the Athletic Training profession. These may include systematic reviews and meta-analyses conducted by the speaker.

2) Critically Appraised Topic: Should present the best available evidence to answer a focused clinical question using publications from the prior 10 years (preferably 5 years) summarizing 3 to 8 published manuscripts.

3) Clinical Practice Recommendation: Should present an innovative clinical practice including published evidence on why the practice is recommended and its benefits over standard alternatives to that practice.

4) Laboratory/Workshop for Practice Enhancement: This abstract should summarize activities of a laboratory/workshop including the skills that should be obtained and the evidence behind the need for those skills.


Formatting Instructions:

  • The body of the abstract is limited to 600 words and must be structure to enable copying of the text into appropriate fields.

  • Enter the title in the title field only. The title should not include a trial or registry/cohort group name or acronym. It will be the title listed on continuing education documents and conference schedule.

  • One page for a tables or figures may accompany the submission in a PDF formatted document. These tables or figures must be referenced within the abstract.

  • Tables and figures should have a title. Tables and figures should have a legend, caption, or footnote (if appropriate).  These do not count toward word limit of the abstract but must be clear and concise.

  • Figures showing participants or patients in any image must conceal each person’s identity.

  • A minimum of three references must be included.

  • References must be presented in AMA Manual of Style 9th edition according to the Journal of Athletic Training.

  • Domain/task must be identified in reference to :

  • Learning objectives must be listed according to Bloom’s Taxonomy Action verbs  (here). Avoid “understand” and “appreciate.” Refer to this link  if you require more guidance.  Please start learning objectives with a verb.

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