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President's Message:

October 19, 2020 

It is the time of year when we at the ALATA Executive Council begin to prepare for the upcoming year. Included in that is the call for nominations for multiple positions on the ALATA Executive Council. We are also excited to announce further information on the 2021 ALATA Annual Clinical Symposia & Members Meeting (CSMM). With this information also comes announcements from the SEATA in regard to the upcoming SEATA CSMM. More information on all of this below.


In addition to this information, below you will also find more information and feedback from your Alabama Board of Athletic Training (ABAT). As a reminder, the ALATA and the Alabama Board of Athletic Trainers are two separate groups. We, the ALATA, work in collaboration with the ABAT to ensure that all of our licensed athletic training members have a good grasp how the two separate entities work to protect you as well as the public. In the event there are any questions regarding any of the provided information, contact information to the ABAT office will be provided.


As always, please let us know how your association can better serve you!



Your President,


Are you interested in serving on the ALATA and helping us make the practice of athletic training better in this great state? Well now is your time! This year we will be electing President-Elect, Treasurer, and At-Large One.


Qualification for service and nomination requirements are as follows:


Qualifications for President-Elect:

Two-year ALATA membership, hold a current license as an athletic trainer in Alabama, a National Provide Identifier (NPI), and have had served as an executive officer at the state, district, or national level.


Qualifications for Treasurer shall meet one of the two following requirements:

  1. One-year ALATA membership, hold a current license as an athletic trainer in Alabama, and a National Provider Identifier (NPI).

  2. Current ALATA membership, hold a current license as an athletic trainer in Alabama, a National Provider Identifier (NPI), and previous service as executive officer at the state, district, or national level.


Qualifications for At-Large One only require current ALATA membership, hold a current license as an athletic trainer in Alabama, and a National Provider Identifier (NPI).


The nomination period is 14 days. A member entitled to vote on ALATA affairs, as set forth in Article I Section 1.3 of these bylaws, may nominate an eligible member for a position on the ALATA Executive Council. Nominations must be made in writing, to include email, to the Secretary of ALATA, Inc. Ballots shall be distributed to the membership by mail and/or through applicable electronic technology. The election period is 14 days. Elections shall be by a majority vote of the ballots cast. Newly elected Executive Council Members will take office and begin their terms on the ALATA, Inc. Executive Council the following January 1st.


We are excited to officially announce the dates of the 2021 ALATA Annual Clinical Symposia & Members’ Meeting! Please save May 27th-30th, 2021 on your calendars. We look forward to sharing this time with you on the beach!

2021 Emergency Cardiac Care Update


CPR Instructor Certification

In an effort to help make CPR recertification more readily available for athletic trainers state wide each year, as well as better preparing them for possible future use of their CPR skills, athletic trainers in Alabama are encouraged to consider becoming a CPR instructor themselves through organizations that offer this training and certification, such as the American Red Cross & the American Heart Association. Information about this can be obtained either online or through local chapters. In some cases, employers may actually reimburse for the cost of this training, in exchange for the athletic trainers assisting in recertifying their coworkers each year. Be sure to check with your specific employer to see if that is a possibility.



What is the difference between the ALATA and ABAT?

The Alabama Athletic Trainers’ Association (ALATA) is the professional membership organization for all athletic training professionals and students in Alabama. The ABAT is an agency of the state that functions as a safeguard for the public to protect against the incompetent, unprofessional, and unlawful practice of athletic training through licensing and renewal. The two organizations are partners and work in collaboration with each other, but one does not constitute the other.


If I am licensed in the state of Alabama does that mean I am a member of the ALATA?

No. In order to practice athletic training in Alabama, you must be complete all required documentation in order to be licensed (please visit In order to be a member of the ALATA you must either be a member of the NATA ( or be an ALATA member only ( Being a licensee in the state does not automatically create ALATA membership and being a member of the ALATA does not allow licensure.


Who do I contact if I need information regarding my licensure, need documentation of being licensed in the state, have questions regarding about licensure, or want to learn more about the ABAT?

All information regarding the Alabama Board of Athletic Trainers, getting documentation of your AL licensure, or licensure applications and renewals can be found on the Alabama Board of Athletic Trainers website




















NATA COVID-19 Resource Page


BOC Newsroom: Coronavirus


CAATE: Coronavirus Updates and FAQs


AHSAA COVID-19 Updates


AISA Webpage

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