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President's Message:

January 4, 2020


Happy New Year! This is my favorite time of year because it is the time I can take to reflect, plan, and
get everything in alignment for preparation of the upcoming year. With that being said, my primary goals for
ALATA in 2020 are as follows:

1. Passing of our regulation bill.
2. Increasing attendance to the 2020 ALATA Annual Clinical Symposia & Members’ Meeting by 20%.
3. Providing additional Category A & EBP CEUs for attendees of 2020 Annual Clinical Symposia &
    Members’ Meeting.
4. Providing additional opportunities for membership involvement in our association and profession.


In this January edition of the ALATA A-blast you can learn more about the new ALATA Executive Officers, room
and registration information for the 2020 Annual Meeting, and details behind the upcoming legislative efforts
the ALATA will be pursuing this year.


Thank you also goes out to those that nominated, voted, and spread the word of our election. Progress
happens from those willing to serve and those that are willing to be involved in moving our profession
forward. For that, to everyone, I personally am grateful for your time and voice. I look forward to what is to
come over this next year. I predict that 2020 will be a point of history for our association.


I encourage each of you to reflect and plan what it is you would like for yourself and your practice this
upcoming year. Please let us know if there is anything the ALATA can do to help you in this plan.


Your President,



Please help me in congratulating our new ALATA Executive Council Members:

Vice-President, Mike Rodrigues

Secretary, Kyle Southall


At-Large 2, Dave Bush


Each new position began January 1st for a two (2) year term. Thank you to the other candidates for their
willingness to serve our association and profession.

With Mike Rodrigues moving into the Vice President position, we will now be looking for nominees for the At-
Large 3 position. This position traditionally also chairs the Clinical, Industrial, and Military Committee. It is
preferred that all nominees be from one of these settings. Nominees must also meet one of the following


1. One-year ALATA membership, hold a current license as an athletic trainer in Alabama, and a National Provider
    Identifier (NPI).
2. Current ALATA membership, hold a current license as an athletic trainer in Alabama, a National Provider
    Identifier (NPI), and previous service as executive officer at the state, district, or national level.


Nominations can be made via the link below starting Friday, January 10th and closing Friday, January 24th. A member entitled to vote on ALATA affairs, as set forth in Article I Section 1.3 of these bylaws, may nominate an eligible member for this position.

If you are interested in attending the 2020 ALATA Annual Clinical Symposia & Members’ Meeting, rooms can
be booked here. We were able to negotiate a very fair rate of $189 per night, for either a single or double
room type, on your behalf. Normal rates for this resort during this time of year are upwards of $250 so be sure
to jump on this discount! We would like to encourage all of those members to stay through the Memorial Day
as we have additional EBP opportunities events planned throughout the weekend and post-meeting. We hope
you take advantage of these opportunities and the location. Who doesn’t want to be at the beach during
Memorial Day weekend with your friends?

The ALATA is committed to the constant progress of our profession in the State of Alabama. With that, we are
happy to announce that the ALATA has hired a lobbying consultant for the 2020 year. The legislative objectives
of the ALATA and the breakdown of these services can be found here. We encourage you to review where
your membership dues are being utilized.


To assist in helping our bill cross the finish line this upcoming we need your help! Our state’s legislative session
will open early February. We will be releasing information and resources of how you can help our bill. One of
the things we will be announcing is information on a Hit the Hill Day. We will want as many Athletic Trainers as
possible to attend this event and sit down with our Representatives to help educate on our profession and
encourage their support. Keep a look out for that information.

2020 Athletic Training Student Symposium
February 6-8th, 2020
Crown Plaza Ravinia, Atlanta, GA
Registration now open here

2020 Athletic Training Educators’ Conference
February 6-8th, 2020
Crown Plaza Ravinia, Atlanta, GA
Registration now open here!

2020 SEATA Clinical Symposium & Members’ Meeting
March 5-7th, 2020
Crown Plaza Ravinia, Atlanta, GA
Registration coming soon!

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ALATA 2020 General Election Results:

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Special Election:

2020 ALATA Annual Clinical Symposia & Members' Meeting:

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ALATA Legislative Efforts:

SEATA Events & Dates:

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