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President's Message:

June 24 , 2020 


Let me begin but thanking those that joined us for our successful virtual townhall and business meeting last month! We were so thrilled to be able to continue to speak directly to our members and inform everyone of all we have planned to continue to grow and improve our association. We look forward to continuing to work on your behalf in progressing our profession forward in this great state.


We find ourselves in a time of thought and change both within our profession and across the nation. Over the past few weeks I have been making a conscious effort to listen to those around me and hearing what ways I can help make change. One thought that I keep going back to is how we as healthcare providers are required to create a safe space in order to provide quality care to all of our athletes; regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, identity, sexual orientation, or any other factor. In this thought, I have continued my research for resources to educate myself on how I can better create this conducive environment as a leader and healthcare provider. A few resources that I have found to be most helpful and recommend  to everyone during this time are:


  1. Talking to Strangers by Malcolm Gladwell

  2. Brene Brown’s podcast with Ibram X. Kendi: “How to Be an Antiracist”

  3. SEATA Webinar: “Creating an Inclusive Athletic Training Environment in the Secondary School Setting”

  4. NATA Article: “Cultural Competence in Health Care” (


Tory Lindley and the NATA said it best, “Compassionate care is not only in our code of ethics, but it is at the core of our practice as athletic trainers; true change will require each of us.” The NATA has released a link ( to open the floor and hear what opportunities members see for athletic trainers to be a part of the solution. I encourage all members to give their thoughts and ideas. Over the next several weeks, the ALATA will continue to also take an introspective look on how we can be better. Please reach out to me ( with your thoughts on how we can be better in representing all of our members.

Your President,


Executive Board and Ethnic Diversity Advisory Committee (EDAC)


Racial inequality and violence continue to have deep roots in this country. SEATA, as a member organization, implores all members to stand against racial injustice and the marginalization of black lives. True healing and resolution will require all of us to act and demand change. For this to occur, everyone must make a genuine effort to listen and understand with empathy. This includes appreciating the unique and necessary attributes each of us contributes to society and making a commitment to change the current demeanor thereof.


The well-being, rights and dignity of each and all humans are unalienable. We stand firmly on the side of justice and in support of active solutions that bring us together as a nation and fosters the appreciation and uniqueness of all people to include, but not limited to, a person's race, color, culture, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, gender identify, genetic information, age, disability, socio-economic or education background.


SEATA stands in support with EDAC in our resolve to intensifying the efforts for purposeful conversations and encourage action-oriented initiatives to combat racism and racial inequality:


  • Collaborate with the SEATA Marketing & Communications Committee (MarCom) in the awareness and education of the process of nominations, both self and peer, for SEATA and NATA committee service, as well as honors and awards.

    • To include, but not limited to, the recruitment and engagement of ethnically diverse members for these committees and awards.


  • Develop a webinar series for SEATA members on cultural competency awareness issues and related matters at the district, state, and/or local levels.

    • Work with SEATA’s Athletic Training Educators’’ Conference (ATEC) Oversight Committee to develop education session(s) on the above topics.


  • Develop new SEATA EDAC website pages to include, but not limited to:

    • “EDAC Safe Space” page to include a confidential email address ( for purposeful conversations, garner support, seek solutions, etc. for SEATA members.

    • EDAC Q&A page to include, but not limited to:

      • Series of common questions surrounding racism and discrimination

      • Best-practice in the reporting of racial incidents, encounters, discrimination, etc.

    • EDAC Resource page to include, but not limited to,

      • Promote cultural-based courses as provided/recommended by the NATA PDC and/or EDAC

      • Provide a listing and links to resources to include, but not limited to those cited in the EDAC Twitter Takeover day.









Have you heard? The 2020 NATA convention has been moved to a virtual format (VNATA)! The key facts are:


  1. Live July 13-16th and on-demand through September 10th

  2. 25 CEUs, including 5 EBP CEUs

  3. AT Expo will still be available virtually

  4. 70+ innovative and educational sessions

  5. Happy hours!!!

  6. $99 for current professional NATA members

  7. Prepay your 2021 NATA dues and save an additional $50 and pay $49 for registration

  8. Registration is now open and can be found HERE or at

Hello Alabama Athletic trainers,


Looks like we are ready to get back on the horse and I’m sure you all are eager to get back to work. I have been hesitant to reach out to you all in regards to what assistance I can provide as I felt while I know you all are in need it was a bit tacky to play salesman while the nation is in a crisis. A lot of you took it into your own hands to reach out to me and thank you for that. I hope I was able to help.


To assist in moving forward and helping understand your circumstances Henry Schein has created a brief survey to understand your needs as a medical professional. If you all could take the time to fill out this survey it will help us navigate through the first stage of reopening.


Also just so you all are aware we have plenty masks, sanitizer, infrared thermometers and gloves if you all are in need. I have had several folks tell me they were under the impression that you could not get these items.


I have provided two attachments for options on thermometers as well as an informational email on the Clorox 360 unit that is on backorder but will be essential for you all to keep up with cleaning protocols.


Any questions please reach out and I thank you for your business!


Please complete the following survey to help us better serve you!



Eric Kearns

Sr. Regional Account Manager

NATA COVID-19 Resource Page


BOC Newsroom: Coronavirus


CAATE: Coronavirus Updates and FAQs


AHSAA COVID-19 Updates


AISA Webpage

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COVID-19 Resources:

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