Capitol Hill Day Grant

ALATA members approved by the ALATA Executive Council who participate in legislative meetings scheduled in conjunction with the 2020 NATA Capitol Hill Day may submit a request to the ALATA President and Treasurer in advance for up to $500.00 to help defray travel, lodging, or meal costs for the meeting.  ALATA members are encouraged to share expenses to the extent possible to allow a greater number of legislative contacts.  Only those expenses not covered by the NATA, SEATA, and other institutions such as employers, etc. are eligible for reimbursement under this policy.  The request must be submitted via this form by March 31 and must be approved in advance of the trip by the ALATA President for reimbursement to be provided.

Following NATA Capitol Hill Day, original receipts must be provided and attached to the ALATA Expense Reimbursement Form found at  A copy of your NATA Capitol Hill Day Report must be submitted along with the ALATA Expense Reimbursement Form in order to receive reimbursement.

Please click the link below to submit an application.

NATA Safe Sports School Award Grant

The Safe Sports School Award recognizes secondary schools around the country that take the crucial steps to keep their athletes free from injuries. Take this quick 9-question quiz to see if your school is an ideal applicant for the award.

In order to achieve Safe Sports School Status, Athletic Programs are required to adhere to the following:

  • Create a positive athletic health care administrative system

  • Provide or coordinate per-participation physical examinations

  • Promote safe and appropriate practice and competition facilities

  • Plan for selection, fit function and proper maintenance of athletic equipment

  • Provide a permanent, appropriately equipped area to evaluate and treat injured athletes

  • Develop injury and illness prevention strategies, including protocols for environmental conditions

  • Provide or facilitate injury intervention

  • Create and rehearse venue-specific Emergency Action Plan

  • Provide or facilitate psycho-social consultation and nutritional counseling/education

  • Be sure athletes and parents are educated of the potential benefits and risks in sports as well as their responsibilities

Please click the link below for more information.