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President's Message:

August 26, 2019

With the school year back in session, this is the time that us Athletic Trainers hit the ground running. We at the ALATA want to support all the hard-working ATs in our state so this month we are happy to announce the new ALATA Safe Sports School grant opportunities. It is our hope that with this opportunity schools will be able to gain the recognition they deserve. More information below.


SAVE THE DATE! We are also excited to officially release the location and dates of 2020 ALATA Annual Clinical Symposia & Members’ Meeting. We look forward to hosting this year’s meeting at The Lodge in Gulf Shores, AL. More specific details and location pictures can be found further into this A-blast. Each month we plan to release a little more information pertaining to the 2020 meeting. Check your monthly A-blasts and the ALATA website to keep up to date on information regarding presenters and presentation topics, CEU amounts, and more. As a side note, we have also updated the website with images and presentation information from the 2019 Annual ALATA CSMM so please be sure to check on for more information.


In the months to come, the Executive Council will be discussing more ways that we can do more for our members. Please reach out to us if you feel there is anything specific you might need to make your setting better.


Your President,







Over the past few weeks, the ALATA PR & Marketing Committee and the Secondary School Athletic Trainers Committee has joined forces to create a campaign to allow more opportunity for recognition of more secondary schools that take crucial steps to keep their athletes free from injuries. The first motion was to create ALATA-based grants that would offer five secondary schools the funding to apply for the NATA’s Safe Sports School Award. This motion was approved by the ALATA EC and we are excited to be able to offer the funding to cover the $150 for five applications to become, or maintain, status of being a Safe Sports School in the state of Alabama. As a reminder, this comes in addition to the SEATA Safe Sports Schools Grant opportunity.


The second motion that was made by this task force was the production of a video to spread the word on what it is to be a Safe Sports School and the effects this can play on the community. It is our hope that this video campaign will not only stir up the conversation of all institutions being Safe Sports Schools, but also the need for athletic trainers in all schools.


Keep an eye out for application information as well as our Safe Sports School video campaign.




Mark your calendars!! We are excited to announce that the 2020 ALATA Annual CSMM will be at The Lodge in Gulf Shores, AL from Thursday, May 21st-23rd. In the coming months we will be able to provide more information on cost, presenters & presentation topics, CEU opportunities, and other events that you won’t want to miss out on.

2020 ALATA Annual Clinical Symposia & Members' Meeting:

NATA Safe Sports School Grants:

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